Nurturing your unborn baby’s brain
A miracle experience that lasts a lifetime.

Missing your period is often your first indication of being pregnant. Although your body looks the same, a rapid and startling transformation is going on inside.

By the end of the 1st trimester, a tiny bundle of cells has grown and formed into a baby with a beating heart, fingers and toes, and most of all, a functioning brain.

By 2nd trimester, your baby’s organs are formed but still immuture. Millions of cells are growing in her brain, with nerves connecting between brain and muscles for movement control. Areas of her brain responsible for the five senses are developing fast.

Your final trimester can be an exciting, but also, apprehensive time. Now, your baby is capable of a whole range of reflexes. She reacts and remembers, and her brain cell connections increase rapidly and continue to do so after birth.Photobucket
You may not always feel it, but pregnancy is a beautiful miracle and others will think you look incredibly special.

A baby’s brain begins to form as early as 3rd week after conception and starts functioning while in the womb. Neuro-scientists have found that the wiring of the brain (connections of brain cells) begins before birth.
This wiring is what drives the explosion of learning that occurs immediately after birth. The development of the brain will be enhanced if we can offer the appropriate stimuli and good nutrition for it to happen.

Stimulate her mind for optimal brain development
Unborn babies can hear clearly at about 20 weeks. Research suggests they will remember the music you have played for up 12 months after birth. So talk, sing or play your favourite music for your unborn baby now; your voice and the songs may calm your unborn baby after birth.Photobucket
How does your baby’s brain develop?

Numerous studies concluded that playing music to babies in the womb and in the early years helps build the neural bridges through where thoughts and information travel.
Research suggests that it can stimulate the brain’s alpha waves, creating a feeling of calm.

Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy
Just stimulation affects a baby as early as when she is in the womb, it is equally vital to have a balanced and quality nutrtion right from the start. During your pregnancy, your body will require more of certain key nutrients to support your baby’s optimal growth.

1.Half the Fat of full cream milk powder. Take two glassess of milk provide the following key nutrients to support your pregnancy.

2.High in Folate and is clinically tested and trusted product.
Folate (folic Acid) is a B vitamin. It plays role in red blood cells formation.
It also helps to maintain the growth and development of the foetus.
3.Your daily Calcium needs
4. Essential nutrients like GA, SA & EFA.

What are Gangliosides (GA) and why are they important?
GA is a type of fat, which is highly concentrated in the brain.
GA helps with brain cell connections. More brain cell connections lead to faster learning.
Research shows that GA may enhance learning ability and memory retention.

Other Important Nutrients:
SA : Highly concentrated in the central nervous system, especially the brain and in the cerebral cortex (memory area).
EFA :Can be converted to DHA and AA. DHA and AA are important components of the brain and eyes.

You can Make all the diffrence
The period from conception to birth is critical for the physical, emotional, and mental development of every baby. The way you nurture and interact with your baby even before birth has an impact on her development later in life.
You can provide the best support to continually nuture and stimulate your baby’s brain development and enhance brain cell connections to help achieve her fullest potential from birth.


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